Agora State University


Welcome to the Agora State University

The Agora State University is a project created by pantostado. He wanted to create a section of the CivCraft world all about the exchange of knowledge and ideas. He took over the long-abandoned ruins of Agora, and today it has become a bustling city once again. He and a couple of others have been involved in building new university buildings, and eventually each department will have a building.

Become a Student

The Agora State University is open to all who wish to learn. To become a student, travel to Agora and go to one of the multiple campus buildings. There, you can look at displays, read texts, and possibly even hear a lecture if you get there at the right time.


All we ask is a small donation to help pay for the materials we use in supplying the University.

Get Publishesd/Employed at ASU

If you are interested in joining the University Faculty or publishing your literary works at ASU, or even just donating copies of your works at ASU, please contact the Dean.


The Dean is currently under election.